White Street School Principal's Page

A Letter From the Principal:

Welcome to White Street Elementary School! Currently providing services to 420 children in grades K-5. White Street is a diverse and vibrant school community. Our diversity is experienced through a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds as well as a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds and learning needs. Regardless of their individual differences, each member of our community comes to school each day excited and ready to learn.

At White Street Elementary School you can expect dedicated teachers guiding students through rigorous and purposeful lessons aimed at getting all learners to grade level proficiency. Our teachers work hard collaborating together on all details of instruction and routines and procedures. We pride ourselves on daily rigorous lessons for all MA State Standards in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. White Street also provides excellent instruction in Physical Education, Visual Art, and Music.

As Principal of White Street School I pride myself on knowing that children are receiving a high quality education that sets the foundation for further learning in their future.